Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Penny Portrait

Penny Portrait, originally uploaded by Tea and Ink.

This was a little experiment in the 'wool laboratory' . Will try to do another version today a little less 'sewn together' at the face. (less a la Frankenstein, I should say!) Would like to do a whole series of portraits framed in pennies... wishing my upcoming show was in June and not May. Happy Tuesday, all.


tangled sky studio said...

oh i know that feeling! i love the wool pennies and will be interested to see these portraits in a series (you know i'm a fan of multiples too!). best of luck pulling it all together brenda-


artslice said...

Yes, I've seen your love of multiples :) Thanks for the good wishes... I'm looking forward to the day after all the art is dropped off at the gallery!

martha miller (it's all art, isn't it?) said...

Looks terrific, Brenda! What fun! And I love the restless sea!

artslice said...

Thanks so much Martha!