Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Penny and the Happy Clogs

Restless Sea... in progress. (wool felt and thread)I've started some new fiber art... the idea came as I was tread milling and watching a PBS production of American Masters - Andy Warhol. (one of my FAVE artists... love his use of repetition, his love of faces - Andy was attracted to 'beauties and talkers' - and most of all...his work ethic).

What does Andy Warhol have to do with penny rugs and fiber art? Nothing. But, for me, inspiration happens when reading or watching someone else's creative process. I thought of doing something like a penny rug that you can see 'holes' through but was more of a composition/wall hanging/piece of art. I'd like to hang it so it slightly sticks out from the wall... so the viewer can see a cast shadow of the piece on the wall. Although the idea is still in the nebulous stages, thought I'd share the very beginning. Hope I can pull it off.

Check out my 'Happy Clogs', they are the perfect thing for this time of year... springy and flowers. What could be better? (You don't know this, but I'm a major clog freak - have many pairs and love them all equally :) Happy hump day.


willow said...

I'm a clogophile, as well. LOVE your springy ones. Looking forward to the completion of Restless Sea!

tangled sky studio said...

those will definitely put a spring in your step! they are so reminiscent of the colors you paint with which iss awesome. hope all is well brenda!


artslice said...

Hi Willow,
Thank you! I'm excited you're a clog -woman too. You should show some of your collection on your blog :)

Hi Beth - How cool, I'm glad to know you see so much color in my work, like the clogs. Sometimes I look at my work for so long, I loose objectivity - you know?

We are all very well indeed - hope you are too :) When's the big move?

Laura said...

i love clogs too! wonderful. and the textile piece is so great. love hearing about your process... thanks for sharing:)

rachel awes said...

love both your restless sea & the inspiring clogs! you are spinning gold from wool! beautiful. x