Saturday, March 13, 2010

Arlesienne Woman study

Arlesienne Woman study, originally uploaded by Tea and Ink.

I love doing sketches on the BIG drawing paper. No rules, no commitments... pure freedom. Kind of like the dogs in the off-leash park :)
There are several more on my flikr page. I've been working all week on finishing up some woodcuts and re-working them after printing. Soon, will be framing up all the stuff for the drive over to Port Angeles, WA for the April show at Itty Bitty Buzz.

Now I'm off to walk the Corgis in the sunshine... happy Saturday.


tangled sky studio said...

sounds like a perfect saturday afternoon! i'm a bit envious of our ability to work larger so freely..will your woodcuts be large as well? hope all is well friend...


Laura said...

wonderful and beautifully spontaneous!

artslice said...

Hi Beth,
Yes, it was lovely! The woodcuts are not nearly the size... it would take forever to carve pieces that big. (although would be a fun experiment). Have a great week and thanks for the well-wishes :)

Hi Laura,
Thanks so much!