Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Stuff...

Check out the new stamp I just carved out of Mastercarve. Boy is that stuff soft and lovely compared to wood... and no wood grain to worry about. I really only use it for lettering... wood is much more tricky when carving letters. Anyway, it was so much fun, I want to do more!
Check out this lovely tin I found at 'Wet Paint' as suggested by Laura at 'Laura's Watercolors'... (March 12th post) thanks, Laura! I'm very excited to have a real travel size palette...(fits in the palm of my hand) recently acquired some compact travel water containers too. I'm ready to sketch 'on location' as soon as the weather gets warmer.
On another note, we just got back from delivering my prints and paintings to Port Angeles for the April show at Itty Bitty Buzz. What a long drive... but we did treat ourselves to an Ikea visit in Seattle. I think I could easily live in that store :) Happy Spring break!


jeane said...

mmmmm, fabulous stamp Brenda! and what a nice little travel set! Ikea! what a planet!

willow said...


tangled sky studio said...

great little logo stamp and the tiny tray is so full of color yumminess...what a find!

artslice said...

Hi Jeane - Thank you so much... can't wait to use the set.

Hi Willow - :) Thanks!

Hi Beth,
Many thanks to you too, I think that watercolor set may change my life this summer :)