Thursday, June 3, 2010

Painting Pottery

I have a secret wish to be a clay artist. But, without a kiln, a clay studio (at least a place to be messy with a sink) I'll be wishing for some time. (it could be in the stars someday though... and it would be primarily hand building because that's the most fun!!)

For now though, I'm happy to say our kids are finally old enough (just barely) to go paint pottery at those 'paint your own' places (oh joy!!) :) This is the latest creation of mine. The funniest thing is they are ready to leave way before I ever am.


willow said...

Love it!!

artslice said...

:) Thank you Willow! I hope to do more and have a little set.

martha miller (it's all art) said...

Oh, that's gorgeous!! I hope you can take a class somewhere soon, Brenda - you're a natural! My daughter Kaitlyn is a potter, and I am in awe of what she creates.

artslice said...

Thank you Martha! Maybe when the kids are a little older... I'd love to go and learn all about lazes, firing etc - most of all, have use of a clay studio!

I've seen your daughter's etsy shop, her work is gorgeous!