Thursday, February 9, 2012

Underdrawings Inspired by Giselbertus

Eve from a sculpture made in 1130. (Autun, France)

Inspired by an Italian sculptor, Benedetto Antelami... (spelling may be incorrect!) around 1200 AD

The angel from The Dream of the Magi by Giselbertus, 1125-45. Autun, France

These drawings for my 100 faces of 2012 woodcut series have already been tweaked and altered a bit. They are in the process of being carved... I now have a huge callus on the inside upper joint of my right thumb...been carving feverishly for several days. Am still able to hold a large glass of water with my right hand, though. (I've overdone it before and have had a very shaky, weak hand as a result. Can't be good, right?)

I'm hoping to print these by Sat or Sun. Think I'll be doing more drawings from this period... I'm SO enamored with it. Oh for the days of art history classes, sitting in a huge lecture hall all afternoon in the dark... looking and slides and being walked through story upon story. My idea of heaven.

Have a great weekend!


tangled sky studio said...

oh the girl with the cap on is so determined her. have a great weekend and rest your hand. i've been struggling with tendonitis since nov so i understand : (

artslice said...

Thank you, she's a bit Joan of Arc -ish! Tendonitis... yikes! I hope it's not from all that knitting you've been doing.

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day, Beth.