Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beach Angel

Another old watercolor... size large (half-sheet of Arches).  I remember painting this from what I was feeling... my husband had just packed up a mini u-haul and had moved over here to Spokane to start his new job while I finished up a few more quarters of art school in Portland.  I was missing him so much and was a big scaredy cat at night in the house all alone. 

11 years later... here we are, living in the first house we ever bought (renters before) with two kids and two dogs.  Life is sweet :) 

Happy Wednesday.


tangled sky studio said...

it captures what you describe feeling perfectly...a picture really is worth a thousand words : )

artslice said...

Oh, many thanks, Beth! It's fun to dip into the past art to see how much I've changed and stayed the same.