Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Beckons

 Cory the neighborhood collie saying hello...
 Gorgeous blooms I want to paint,,,
A work of cherry art from the ice cream sundae bar!  Our son turned 9 over the weekend and for the first time, we did the sundae thing al fresco after birthday lunch over at Red Robin (the kid's fave).  After 4 days off from school (teacher day included) we are into our last stretch of school days before summer really hits!

On another note, I will begin advertising as of June 1st over at Soulemama!  I'm so excited to be working with the brilliant Amanda Soule and hope you will visit over there and check it all out :)  I'll be working on a lot of new woodcuts for the etsy shop in the next few months which I'll share here first.  Happy hump day!


tangled sky studio said...

such exciting news! i look forward to seeing your badge and to the new woodcuts : )

artslice said...

Yay! Having a few glitches with the badge but hope it will look good.