Friday, November 14, 2014

Cathedral Windows

 Flip side... ruby red silk velvet.
Just finished up these Christmas ornaments for the Spokane Art School show.  (an artist's ornament show)  It happens every year starting the day after Thanksgiving. 

Happy Friday!!!


tangled sky studio said...

so cute and so funny because i took out four small blocks of wood yesterday and laid them out as window paintings very much like these ornaments! good luck with all the prep for your show...the cathedral windows are sure to be a hit :)

Jenniffer said...


Gretchen Ehrsam said...

very elegant! Sure they will sell well they are beautiful!

artslice said...

Hi Beth, Ha! How funny... we are together in thought:) Now I will be watching for your paintings. Thank you!

Thanks, sweet Jenniffer:)

Hi Gretchen, Thank you so much!!

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

They're beautiful! Happy Holidays!

artslice said...

Thank you so much Gloria! Happy holidays to you too:)