Monday, December 29, 2014

Labyrinth of Trains

Since Christmas day, our house has literally turned into a labyrinth of railways.  You just have to dodge the tracks in the early am and not be carrying a cup of hot tea. 

Christmas was lovely and we had snow a few days later.  I am ready for the new year and have new ideas brewing for woodcuts and a special painting for a friend...  Happy Monday.


Jenniffer said...

oh wow! That looks like so much fun!! Yes- I wouldn't want the challenge of dodging that first thing in the morning- hot tea, or not!

Gretchen Ehrsam said...

don't you just want to sit down and play?
what do the dogs think about it all?

tangled sky studio said...

brings back so many christmas memories. hard to believe how fast they grow and change and then again stay the same in so many ways. looks like you had a warm and happy holiday. happy-almost-new-year!

Paul S said...

There's only 35 minutes of the old year left so I'll wish you all the best.
I've enjoyed associating with you.

artslice said...

Hi Jenniffer, :) It has been sent to the playroom for now.

Hi Gretchen,
Yes and no... I've been playing trains for a very long time now:) but I still love to see it all. The dogs just plow right through it without a care!!

Hi Beth,
Yes, so true!! Hope you had fabulous holidays

Hi Paul,
Thank you so much and all the best to you, as well in the new year!! Stop by anytime:)

xoxoxo to you all and happy new year 2015

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