Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Skirt Selfie

I have this very fashionable friend who wears the greatest frocks, outfits, ensembles... etc.  She totally inspires me.  She even helped me find and order this little skirt.  So, new year... maybe me wearing some skirts and mixing it up from the usual.  I needed a little help from my friend:)

Happy New Year!!!  We all stayed up watching ball drop in NYC,  (this fascinates our kids... they can not make any sense out of the crystal ball, etc)  and all kissed each other at midnight.  Would love to read what some of you did last night... feel free to leave a comment anytime!!! 

note:  image slightly distorted due to dirty kid hand streaks.


tangled sky studio said...

super cute skirt and i LOVE your boots!
oh and... you won wild hare no.5!!! YAY!!!

artslice said...

Thank you and HOORAY!!!! I'm so excited:)

Paul S said...

I spent a quite New Year's Eve watching When Harry Met Sally with my loved ones.
Nice photograph, the new outfit definitely becomes you!

artslice said...

LOve that movie, Paul... a good one! Thank you:)

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