Sunday, July 5, 2015

Random Goodness Round the House

Making our own scrapbooks...out of book board leftovers
Drying summer flowers
Painting with Ravi in the background

Snooping in son's sketchbook

Reading perch

Daughter's 'Overwriters' markers sampling
It has been so hot here... and our air conditioning has been broken for over a month.  We are experiencing the slow, stifling summer madness. Fingers crossed, the new part will be installed tomorrow.  How's your summer going?


Gretchen Ehrsam said...

Lots of good stuff going on at your house!
we are sitting in front of a fan here!

artslice said...

HI Gretchen, Thank you... I hope you are staying cool. Seems the heat will not be over for a long time!

Paul S said...

Your "random goodness" is intriguing, and I'm left wanting more!
It's been unusually hot here in England recently, but today we've had some welcome downpours. I hope they're headed your way.

artslice said...

Hi Paul, Thanks!! I'll have to keep up with the goodness... And thanks for the downpour wishes - we didn't have rain but after 2 air conditioner guys, it's finally fixed:)

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