Friday, July 4, 2008

Christmas in July and Lavender Harvesting

(sorry about the fuzziness!)

A big bundle of lavender hung near my bed

A bundle in my son's room

I was hand coloring some of my prints with Lyra and Prismacolor pencils (love 'em) and realized my lavender was already flowering. So, I ran outside on a whim and cut all the lavender that was ready. Then, I tied them all and hung them around the house!

Martha Miller has some fabulous Christmas ornaments she made here: . It got me thinking about Christmas in July... so here are some 'snow globe' ornaments (hence the shape) I made last year. They are all wool felt, needle felted on my matchine and embellished with brass letters, beads and other fluff.

On another note... I will be vacationing this coming week and will be back blogging on Bastille Day, July 14th. Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

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