Monday, July 21, 2008

More Drawings

Cafe-Boulangerie series II

I've done a few more drawings on Rives BFK paper (love it, it has such a great texture) and India ink. Now, I'll start painting them with gouache... I have a lot of 'em now. So, maybe in the morning when the house is still asleep I will delve into it.
My Christmas in July sale was fun but I did not sell much. :( I should have brought my room divider and displayed some prints on it... I just had them in baskets and a 'print holder' and I don't think many people took the time to look through them. Oh well.


Magic Cochin said...

You live and learn with retail! Just moving things around changed which things sold at my Open Studio!

My favourite sketchbooks are watercolour paper and drawing using a felt-tip pen that slightly bleeds into the paper - very satisfying!

Martha Miller said...

I always work on Rives BFK - love it! I really like this drawing - it even works without color!

I had a business making dolls for 8 years and did many craft fairs. There were only 2 fairs that I could depend on making money - the rest were a crap shoot. It's a tough call! All that work make the stuff and set up and then to sit there - argh - to not do well is such a drag!!! I can relate...

artslice said...

Yes, I think you kind of have to do a little 'voodoo' with a display so everything can be seen preferably at eye level. Then... you need the right people to come and look! :) Thanks for the listening ear, ladies.

I never knew I'd fall in love with a brush Pitt pen and BFK but I have. (also partial to Arches Cover too!)

Martha, I'd love to see your dolls!

Martha Miller said...

I promise that I'll post about my dolls soon!