Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Shapes

Dreaming of the beach! Here's the start of a Jewel Box painting. (Maybe I should call them something else... any suggestions?) I'm going to the beach soon to soak up the ocean waves and smells. I hope to build some sand forts and castles with our kids and -my favorite- look for beach glass and shells. They are so excited and have their new pails and shovels in the car in anticipation of the trip.
Garden of Ovals

Here's a flower painting on wood .... I'm experimenting with new shapes and spontaneity. I already knew the colors I wanted to use but gave myself permission to just paint and not think too much. It was so exciting to do... now I want to do more but maybe something other than flowers? Not sure yet.


Martha Miller said...

Great jewel like colors! Have you ever seen Angela Adams' work? Rugs and textiles - she is Portland (Maine) based. Google her - I'll bet you will love her designs!

artslice said...

Thanks Martha! I will look her up.

Miss Frugality said...

I really like the colours and shapes of your new flower painting.Hope you have a great time at the beach :-)

artslice said...

Thanks Miss Frugality!