Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Painted Lilly

Here's the Lilly and the Daisy triptych all painted. I also did a blue version that's hanging in the * Ruby Slipper right now along with the rest of the Winter Seedlings show. The opening was on Friday and went pretty well. It was quite slow, though because of Spokane's annual art fair, Artfest starting the same day. But, I'm glad the show is up. An old friend called me out of the blue after seeing the show which was a silver lining. :)
*click and see the shop (although you can't see the show). If you click on handbags you can see some of my purses!

1 comment:

tangled sky studio said...

hi brenda,
these are beautiful...i especially like the last one. were these based on photographs? i clicked on the ruby slipper link and am assuming your purse is the felted one? busy, busy, busy as always...great to see your work in the shop!

(ps: i love your water pieces too)