Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What to do on the First Day of School...

More socks on the needles
Well, today was the first day of school for a little boy in our house but - our daughter is still at home with me :) After much excitement of getting dressed, making lunch, taking all the school supplies in the car... we were off to school! There were several kids having anxiety and sobbing in the kindergarten classroom but this time, it was not my son. He was happily waiting in his seat, teddy bear at hand, ready to 'get his day started.'
So, now... us girls are getting a new routine started as well. I predict lots of tea parties, knitting, stroller rides and art making in the coming weeks... whoooopieeeee!


The Clever Pup said...

Aww, the first day of Kindergarten is so momentous. It will stay with you for ever.

tangled sky studio said...

my little guy started kindergarten last thursday and has been smiles ever since...in fact today he was "person of the day"! i love the purple yarn and the sketch...did you find it hard to focus while your little guy was at school on the first day? i think it takes some time to get the non-summer routine going....good job lining up the projects!


artslice said...

Hi Pup,
Yes, it's such a big day for little ones... I still remember my Kinderg.teacher!

Hi Beth,
What a great compliment for your son to be 'person of the day!!' :) I've been so ready to get going on the non-summer life - glad it's finally here! Looking forward to seeing what inspires you in Cali - in your paintings and otherwise.

Jeane said...

mmmm, a huge transition - sounds like you are making it with grace :)