Monday, October 26, 2009

Birds and Babies

Brothers :)
Our new baby!
It's getting to be Christmas making season already and this morning I finally got started! There's a nice show which happens every year after Thanksgiving at a local gallery. Many local artists make one of a kind ornaments for the shop and there's a big party to go along with it. Usually, I make felted wool ornaments and this year is no exception. So, here are my unfinished owls - just a start to many in the flock. More little birds in the works too.
Some big news to share: Our Mr. Darcy (Welsh Corgi) now has a little brother to pal around with! Mr. Knightly came to us yesterday. We called the # from the ad and upon arrival, realized this was the same lady who had our Mr. Darcy! (she had moved, so we had no idea it it could be the same person) His name comes from the Jane Austen novel, Emma. The friend, neighbor and confidant of Emma... with whom she eventually falls in love. We like to just call him 'Knightly' as Mrs. Elton does in the book.