Monday, October 12, 2009

Leaf Raker

This spooky lady is completing her autumn chores... raking all those falling leaves. The cat needs help with her whiskers but otherwise this one will turn into a card. Found some fabulous black blank cards and envelopes yesterday at the craft store... perfect for Halloween woodcarvings. One more printing and into the shop they go!
A ladybug fairy visited our house the other day... just had to share the cute little feelers. There's a sparkly crust of frost here and there - can't believe another season is turning. Where did the summer go?! Happy Monday.

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tangled sky studio said...

Yep...Summer is officially over and soup weather is here. Thanks for the spooky reminder that I need to stock up on Halloween candy soon (don't want it to magically disappear which is what happens when it appears too early).