Thursday, October 22, 2009

Car Trouble

Here's a fun painting I've been working on - just putting the finishing touches on it. Love these old VW buses... they came in such bright colors. My ballet teacher drove a turquoise one :) Have a few more in the works I'll be sharing soon. What have you been working on? Happy Thursday!


Jeane said...

a time gone by :)

tangled sky studio said...

(LOL) Ever since our move I've been daydreaming about getting one! I've see lots of great restored ones as well as old beaters but my dream came to a crashing halt a few weeks ago when i realized they are all manual transmissions and i just can't manage that!
love where the painting and the colors are going in this piece...


artslice said...

Hi Jeane... yup, but with fond memories!

Hi Beth,
That's so funny because for awhile there, when we needed a bigger car... that was my 'pie in the sky choice' but my hubby is very modern and nixed it :) Manual I can handle!