Friday, May 14, 2010

Butterflies and Art Class

My daughter has an art class every week at a beautiful historic mansion in town. This week, they learned about butterflies... there was a lot of paint flying and copious amounts of very fine glitter everywhere. The butterfly wings above will be worn -along with the crowns fashioned in class - next week for another nature walk in the gardens.
After all the making, we took a walk (more like a hike) through a newly restored Victorian era garden. It's quite steep but has glorious views of the city. The remains of the garden were discovered after an ice storm when downed trees and brush were getting cleaned up. With the help of a local benefactress, (she also restored the Fox Theater) the gardens came back to life with the help of historic photographs. I'll be posting pix of the gardens this weekend :) Happy Friday.


tangled sky studio said...

what gorgeous colors on those butterflies (and i think i need one of those smocks for all my crazy painting projects!). happy friday : ) !!!

artslice said...

Aren't they so much fun?! I think I need one of those smocks too --- they are pretty waterproof and sometimes a garden hose in order for clean up around here :)