Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Try with a Fabric Marker

night time ritual quilt 031, originally uploaded by Tea and Ink.

Here's a funny little self portrait. It's very stylized, quick and my end of the day tired looking self! (the eyebrows are super weird... they do not curve on anyone like those :) This was my first stab at using all these new materials for art quilting.

Anyway - I used Tee-Juice fabric marker in black, heat set it and then painted with Jacquard Color paint on a tiny scrap of muslin (too thin for my liking). The text is a running commentary spoken by my kids. It'd be fun to do more of these small ones. Happy Thursday!


tangled sky studio said...

you look quite sassy in your self-portrait...kudos to you for experimenting, stretching and creating. I love art with written text and your style is fabulous (are you just writing with a fine tipped fabric pen?).

willow said...

Super cool! And sounds like fun, too.

artslice said...

Oh, Thank you Beth, I like sassy! :) I love text with art too... always interesting. Yup, it's a fine point fabric pen - but they run out after so many yards. I've ordered some special ones called 'rub-a-dub' laundry markers by sharpie. They have a slightly fatter tip.

Hi Willow - Thank you! It is really getting to be more and more fun. Happy Friday.