Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beach Drawings

Getting there... but still in progress (above)
Here are a few new ink drawings I've been working on... finally developed some photographs from our trip to Cannon Beach, OR this past summer. Don't know what it is about that town but, I'm very inspired by it. Probably because I was raised in a small, beachy town... it's what you know first that sticks with you. (from what I hear anyway).
Today I opened up my birthday gift from hubby (it was mail order) and used it... an air pen. It's a fabulous little device which allows me to write with paint on fabric. I've been writing with it today and will show and tell as soon as I get a little better at it. (you control the air pressure with your index writing finger - which takes some getting used to!)


willow said...

ooo...the first one is especially magical!!

Magic Cochin said...

I love all the stripes :-)

The Air Pen looks interesting... no, I mustn't...


tangled sky studio said...

the color combination in the first one is really captivating. i was just thinking how i hadn't been down to the beach since school started...maybe today. the air pen looks very interesting. new toys are always so fun. i'm looking forward to seeing what you create : )


artslice said...

Hi Willow, Thank you so much!

Hi Celia,
You might like it... :) I'm enjoying your travel photographs on your blog!

Hi Beth,
Thank you so much :) I'll be watching to see if you get inspired by the beach... still love the couple on the beach you painted before you moved to Cali. Happy weekend, ladies!