Friday, October 22, 2010

Drawing and Weaving...

Foxglove with stones
Old Letterpress
I'm an avid reader of the wonderful blog, Spiritcloth by Jude Hill. She's so innovative and creative in her approach to fabrics, quilts and often includes water elements her work as
she lives close to the beach on Long Island Sound. Also she embroiders little lions and beasts on the quilts - they have a charm all their own. Anyway, I just had to try one of her methods... cloth weaving (which equals a perfect checkerboard). Not sure where this is going but it will tell me over time.
Here are two more unfinished ink drawings with gouache. I love to draw old machines of any kind. The dark iron, wheels, and 'innards' are a never ending fascination of mine. We're off to rake leaves in the sunshine... have a great weekend!


jude said...

oh great to see you weaving!

artslice said...

Hi Jude!
Yes, it is really fun, I've never done any weaving so it's a new frontier. So glad you stopped by :)

Laura said...

how lovely! thanks for sharing.

artslice said...

Hi there Laura... thanks :) Looking forward to visiting your blog!