Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Waldorf Doll Making Class

I experienced a lovely rare treat this past weekend... I went to a doll making workshop! It was so much fun, I've been wanting to learn how to make these dolls for the longest time but could never master that unusual head. Now, the code has been cracked :)
Not only was the class wonderful but the women there were such a fun group of earthy, humorous and full of knowledge. We had a yummy potluck, shared food and stories around a kid's table (it was held at a Waldorf school) most of the grub was vegetarian too! I crave this kind of community.

The next class is going to be mermaids and faeries. I'm there!


Jeane said...

this sounds right up your alley Brenda!

tangled sky studio said...

was it joy's class? she taught in a class that i organized in michigan many years ago. handwork is such a rewarding way to spend an afternoon in good company : )

willow said...


artslice said...

Hi Jeane,
Yes... I felt right at home!

Hi Beth,
No, it wasn't Joy's class - but the teacher knows Joy. Her name is Renee and she is so very fabulous! I'd love to see your dolls, you should post 'em.

Hi Willow,
Thanks so much!