Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Knightley Come Home...

That's me petting Mr. Darcy just now as night is falling.

Here's a short but very sad story...The day after Christmas, the corgis were out in the yard. Somehow the gate was ajar (the power meter man?) and they got out. Mr. Darcy came right to the front door and sat there until someone noticed he was out! (they NEVER get out)... but, sadly, Mr. Knightley ran off and was nowhere to be found. My husband and I took turns driving around, calling out his name and searching for him until about 10 pm. He probably got out around 6:45pm and we didn't know they were out til about 7:30pm - so, he could have gone quite far in that time. We are so heartbroken about this, and so is Mr. Darcy. (he is the older brother). After visiting shelters, putting up flyers and ads in the paper and online... the only thing we can do is hope.

Here is Prudence Fat Cat holding my yummy, soft fuzzy scarf in progress. It is the frothiest yarn I've found. (sorry, will have to find the tag to tell what brand it is.) We are in the middle of a big snow storm and are expecting up to 12 inches. We just came in from shoveling. Brrrr it is cold!!


Laura said...

i am hoping with you, brenda:) my fingers are crossed tight. a big hug to you.

artslice said...

Thank you so much, Laura... we need all the good thoughts :)

martha miller said...

So sad!! Did he ever return?

muhamad robi said...

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