Friday, December 31, 2010

Peace in the New Year!

Another year's almost here... to unfold and live, live, live!
A prayer for peace in the new year... albeit crooked - but a good prayer all the same!

Blue sky and snowy pines... we had very low temperatures today but lots of sunshine, but we couldn't convince the kids the snow was not going to melt. :)
Bonfire of the Fish Spirits... the painting part is done, I've been writing all over it for most of the day. This one is my favorite so far - it's very personal.
Happy, happy new year to one and all. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog... I hope the new year brings you goodness and happy surprises around every corner.


Laura said...

happy new year, brenda. all my fondest hopes and good wishes to you and yours. what a beautiful prayer and painting. the beauty of your character is very evident in your work:) lovely. thank you for sharing.

tangled sky studio said...

Happy 2011 Brenda : ) What a lovely assortment of creative goodness to welcome the New Year. Peace of mind as well as all the other kinds is what I wish for us all in the coming year !


PK said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Happy New Year!

martha miller said...

What a vibrant colorful magical quilt this will be! Happy Creative New Year!

artslice said...

Hi Laura - thank you so much for your kind words... you have a way with words. All the best to you as well, and you know I love your work!

Hi Beth!
Thank you so much - and to you as well. I'm glad you are back in your new, old house after such a topsy turvy year.

Hi PK,
Thanks for stopping by :)

Hey there Martha,
Thanks... and the very same to you, my friend!

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