Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book and Flower

I finally printed some of the pages of the book I've been making about our corgi gone missing on Boxing Day. Yesterday I sketched in some rough ideas in the dummy book to think about scale and subject matter. A person could sit forever... about to draw an idea... when it comes to putting images together with words. It must be similar to adding music to lyrics.

The violet water soluble Daniel Smith ink was super impossible to clean up. It seemed like it was oil based... finally was successful with paper towels and Dawn dish soap. Very strange because the other colors clean up quickly with warm water. Go figure.

The middle photograph is a peek at the beautiful paper flowers my daughter gave me for Mother's Day! (she made them at pre-school) They are made from magazine paper and sewn with a button in the middle... pipe cleaners for stems. So cute... a great craft idea.


tangled sky studio said...

A person could sit forever...about to draw an idea...when it comes to putting images together with words. it's true. sometimes it takes moment and sometimes it takes day or weeks ttto make words and images fit together but when they do it's magic and i love, love, love the last photo. That page is perfect.
the flowers are super sweet : )

artslice said...

Thank you for the feedback, Beth! I started carving that image today :) Happy almost weekend.

Laura said...

what a great idea to write a story about the corgis! i am looking forward to reading it:)

artslice said...

Thank you, Laura... I'll post progress as it gets finished :)

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