Friday, April 13, 2012

Heading Off into a Happy Weekend

We are so ready to do fun park/outdoor activities! The tiny little buds are growing and some are even sprouting newborn, yellow-green baby leaves. (especially the lilacs - this is the 'Lilac City', you know!) We are planning picnics, soccer and days at the park - with a stop or two at the Goodwill donation truck. The spring cleaning going on around here is BIG. Feels so good.

Have a great weekend :)

ps that lower photo was taken in Sept - not a true scene of spring in Spokane!


tangled sky studio said...

lilacs are in full bloom here and I'm filling the house with their lovely scent (offsets the not so lovely baby chick scent!). have a lovely weekend out and about : )

artslice said...

Ahhh, I'm jealous of your lilac blooms... spring comes so very late to Spokane. More baby chicks!? That's a lot of eggs :)