Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Light Project... shells

Here are some pen and ink sea shell drawings I've been working on lately. They are a sort of specimen approach.. which I like. Science was never a love for me, but as I grow older, I feel it's a gap in my education and want to learn more. Specimens with text are very alluring to my eye. There will be more to come and as soon as the shells are finished, the zine will be assembled into a 'dummy book'. With all the kinks worked out, a zine will be born and land in the etsy shop!

We finally had warmer temps today 65 degrees and a few patches of sun, wooo hooooo! To the park we go, twice today :) AAHHHH, the sun.


Jenniffer said...

These are really beautiful!
Glad to hear some sun is finally making it's way over to you- :)

artslice said...

Thank you Jenniffer... I need to do more this week. We are soaking up the sun before it rains again :)