Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter... and Spring (maybe)

Check out the Easter egg hunt from a few years back... the kids are monumentally bigger now. It's all going so fast :( I need to find out a way to slow it down - when I do, I will share :) We'll be having another one tomorrow along with the standard fare and celebrations at Grammy's house.

I'm off for a dog walk, window washing and secret Easter shopping (for the hunt and such). We went to Portland for spring break and all the cherry blossoms, pansies and daffs were EVERYWHERE. It has me pining for flower planting and maybe a few veggie plants, if I can manage NOT to kill them. (our soil stinks, mostly rock and sand).

The sun is shining for now, better get the dogs leashed up!


Jenniffer said...

HI! Portland is just across the Columbia from where I live (Vancouver)-funny that you were here and I was up north (Seattle) on the same week. Hope you had a really memorable Easter! :)

artslice said...

Yup, we always drove thru Vancouver on the way up to mom's house. We had a great time - hope yours was a blast.