Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ballerina Butterflies and one Bumble Bee Boy

Picture day for the upcoming May dance recital was Saturday. I took about a gazillion backstage/preparation photos. The one, lone boy in the class was a bumble bee... but he would not line up with girls so it was tough to get a photo, darn!

Happy Sunday - the sun is actually out today, hooray :)


tangled sky studio said...

so cute and what pretty costumes. i had the one boy in a tap/jazz recital last year and all the glitter can be a bit overwhelming but he had a blast. i truly believe more boys need to dance!

artslice said...

Thank you! I'm thrilled to hear you have a boy in tap/jazz... because so do I! This is his second year... he is the only boy in the class but is a natural and the teacher loves him. I'm just hoping he'll hang in there because they ALWAYS need boys and he is such a ham/charmer on stage. All the 'big girl' dancers love him. Another thing we have in common :)