Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today, at the Cafe de Flore

Here is a little glimpse at the new art quilt I'm working on... it's actually a commission. I'm willingly and happily doing an 'art for art' trade. This quilt is for the lady who does machine quilting for me... in exchange for her services, she wanted an art quilt instead of cold, hard cash. Not a problem! I'm having so much fun with this one... she love Paris cafes and asked for something along those lines. I'll share more as the painting progresses.

Happy 'almost' Friday. Tomorrow there will be a few '100 faces' sketches to share. See you then!


Jenniffer said...

Oh, wow- what a project! How cool is that? Really can't wait to see the finished product-What happy times! :)

tangled sky studio said...

she's going to love it!

ID cards said...

Even if it isn't a quilt yet i already love it.