Thursday, March 1, 2012

First 100 Faces Thursday

This is a man in progress!
I don't know about the lady in distress directly above. She may need to be seriously re-worked. I'm letting her percolate for now. All of these woodblocks are inky and wet right now. I'm planning on painting all of them and do have some previous ones - now painted- to share this weekend and soon on flickr.

As a sidebar, I have been printing these faces on quilter's cotton squares for some kind of quilt/fiber odyssey. This was actually my mom's idea... she always has good ones. Naturally, some will go to her as she's the REAL sewing lady. (as in she has the mad skills and I am lacking in that department.)

Now that it's March (and 20 days til vernal equinox, my son informs me) it's doubtful there will literally be 100 faces for this project. I'm going to do the best I can... as much as my thumb will allow to be carved. But, as April rolls in, so will a new project!

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