Friday, March 16, 2012

March Madness

Whoa, March has been quite a whirlwind in our house, schedules, extended family shenanigans... even the crazy weather . The windstorms, heavy downpours and occasional snow showers tell me that things are shifting, changing and evolving. With all that going on it has left me feeling a bit fragmented and bedraggled. But, I'm getting a hold of myself!

It's Friday and I had a great day of printing, running and later working on my quilt on the living room floor while listening to the end of a wonderful book (but I'll share that later).

Here are the latest ladies I printed today - wet ink but soon to have color. I've been vacillating about the First 100 Faces of 2012 project - possibly extending it for another month or two.

Much more tomorrow... until then, set out your leprechaun traps tonight, we will be doing that very thing. (salt water taffy is the bait :) Top 0' the evening to ya.


tangled sky studio said...

is it my imagination or do these ladies look a bit like you...each in their own way? i am so happy to see the weekend arrive and i hope yours is most excellent!


artslice said...

Huh, I guess you're right, they sort of do! :) Thank you, I hope your weekend is awesome, Beth!!