Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Doodle Sashiko

I did this last night, I just drew on the linen with a white chalk pencil and started stitching! I might have to repeat the design, I like it!


Martha Miller said...


What/Who is Sashiko?

artslice said...

Hi Martha

Sashiko is a type of Japanese quilting and/or embroidery. It's a traditional craft that is typically done on indigo-dyed cotton fabric with white threads. (It's done in white with indigo thread too, but unorthodox colors are allowed if you're not a 'Sashiko purist!') Here's a link that gives some traditonal examples and more history:

I love the classic Sashiko designs and they have inspired me to come up with my own for this quilt. (plus, I just like to stitch... it's very calming.)

Martha Miller said...

yes, it looks like fun - and the indigo blue and white are so graphically appealing!