Monday, April 7, 2008

Linen Quilt

Click on the photos for a closer look at the sashiko... I used a white chalk pencil to draw my designs and just stitched ... so much fun to watch it come alive.

Quilt experiment... I've always wanted to make a quilt with free-form applique and sashiko. So, here is the beginning of something exciting! I bought a heap of linen a few days ago since it was on sale and I need it to print on and later make summer purses with the results. .. but then, I got a 'wild hair' and decided to make a quilt with some of the fabric instead!


martha said...

Hi Brenda

I've enjoyed looking at your prints, patchwork, books and painted boxes! A fun blog. I am working on a quilt right now that I can't post about on my blog because it is a wedding gift for my daughter.

take care!

artslice said...


Thank you so much, Martha! I always seem to go back to quilting when I'm stressed or have trouble resolving pieces of art. It's like therapy! I am pretty much unplugged in quilting so I can be anywhere in the house and sew near my kids.
Your 'secret quilt' sounds great, I hope you'll reveal it when you can. Here is a fabulous blog you might enjoy:

Martha Miller said...

Say, that is a great blog! Thanks!

About my quilt - nothing fancy, just 5" squares. I had gone to RI with my daughter Kaitlyn to look for wedding dresses in February and behind one of the stores we saw a dumpster full of fabric sample books, all perfectly clean. Kait and I put them in the back of my car - I told her that I was going to use them for one of my classes. But unbeknwonst to her, I am making her quilt from these fabric scraps! I'll call it the Dumpster Dive Quilt :^)
She is all about recycling so I know she'll be tickled!

artslice said...

Hi Martha

Sounds like a great idea!! What a wonderful keepsake it will be as a wedding gift, especially since you found the fabric together. We received a quilt made by a friend for our wedding and I treasure it. I hope you'll post photos after you give it to your daughter!