Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Backyard Renovation

Lovely Lilacs from our own Lilac bush. Spokane is known as the 'Lilac City'. (I just planted a new one in the front yard along side a cream colored Hydrangea bush!)
The frame of our new Trex deck! Our old one was crumbling , rotting staircase and not up to code = no kids allowed because of big gaps in the railing among other things. This one will be kid friendly, gate and all, hello sunshine!

The new pavers outside our back door... there are the steps to the new mini-deck outside the downstairs family room. (the steps are now 2 instead of 3). Can't wait til it's all done and we can enjoy our secret garden. Next, I'll made a brick path through a little forest lined with ferns, Lily of the Valley and little plum trees... it will lead to the pear tree and a large brick patio towards the back corner of the yard. I'll post photos once I'm started.


Kristin Loganbill said...

your plans sound beautiful-
I love lilacs- I think at some point I'll have to plant a few

Magic Cochin said...

What an exciting project!