Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Socks

I love knitting socks. These are for my mom... they are knitted 'in the round' which is so easy to do. (I've never done it the 5 double pointed needles way). The yarn is fabulous... super wash wool and so soft. It is variegated and ends up looking sort of Fair Isle. I can't remember the brand now, but I know it's from Germany. Now I just need to learn how to knit gloves!


Magic Cochin said...

I'm knitting socks too! I found some amazing wool in Denmark and couldn't resist. It's years since I knitted socks, so I had to look up patterns etc and found some useful stuff on various blogs. I'm trying a 'toe-up' method so I can keep knitting the leg length till the wool runs out! And I'm on 5 needles - I find this kind of helps with the counting and dividing.

That pink striped wool is yummy!


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