Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Inspiration

Morning Gardening
Dog Days (detail)

Picking Apples (on Anna Griffen paper)

Morning Gardening (detail)

I have been getting ready for a show... Christmas in July. It's more of a 'crafty' show, so I hope I will do OK. You never know, but it is good to show your work and have a deadline! I'm planning on applying to some new galleries here and near where my mom lives.

It's been fun printing on different kinds papers... I think I'm going to try vintage wallpaper next, I bought some from the local museum. If you are anywhere near Spokane, the museum has a fabulous woodblock print show going on right now. It's by a Montana artist, John Buck. The prints are huge and there are wood sculptures as well. The prints are stunning! Here's a link:

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