Friday, June 6, 2008

Egg Scribbles

Oops, I left my pencils and pens out... and a little person came along and added to my hand-colored print. Whah! It had to be the only one I printed on book paper and I liked the way it was working. That will teach me to leave stuff out. :( I'll be printing more soon.

Tomorrow I'll be going to the Farm Chick's Antiques Show, fun! If it sounds familiar, they have been featured in Country Living Magazine several times and the editors will be there for an appearance. Have a good weekend!


The 380° Spectrum said...

Scribbles aside, the print is absolutely wonderful. And I must ask, is there any type of subtle meaning to the content of the page the eggs are printed on?

artslice said...

Thank you 380! (sorry but my computer doesn't have a degree button). Well, this is a good question. Yes there is some meaning there, I like the thought of something as primal and organic as eggs presentd with manmade, industrialized machine technology text... there is alot of food for thought!
I will leave it at that, though as I like the viewer to "make it their own" as much as possible when it comes to looking at my art.
Thanks for asking and I will be checking out your blog!
Cheers, Brenda

Martha Miller said...

I Like the scribbles! Call it a collaboration!