Wednesday, September 24, 2008

3 Generations

Sketch of my maternal grandmother
Sketch of my maternal great-grandmother

My daughter at the beach ... 21 mo old. (arg! the far arm and leg are pretty funky - I'll be editing in a new drawing...this is when I miss using pencil)

I had a cancellation in my usual Wednesday routine and jumped at the chance to catch up on some painting and drawing while my daughter played at the sand table! Searching around the house for some people to draw, I ran across an old Thanksgiving photograph I recently acquired and started drawing. (I think it's from the late 1940's). I like to change up the hair and clothing sometimes - just for fun. There's more to share in the coming days... hopefully I'll have some of them painted.


tangled sky studio said...

I'm intrigued by the idea of drawing or painting from old photographs...or even doing a self portrait this way. It must be so difficult to commit to a drawing (in pen) so quickly. Do you ever use a pencil outline first?
How lucky your daughter is to have this type of picture of herself...hope all is well!


artslice said...

I love old photographs - I sort of have a collection going. You should try it, it really is fun. (great idea for a self-portrait!)

I never use pencil first in this case. I figure it's one or the other - so I just 'go for it'. (trying not to be 'too careful' because it can look fussy or forced) When it comes to figures... and proportions have to be just right, I'll have to start warming up with pencil first!