Thursday, September 4, 2008

Woodblocks on Linen

Ocean and Beach on black linen... destined to become a pillow

After a special request from a gallery employee... I printed the image she wanted on linen and will make a purse. It was while I was printing that I went a bit crazy, printing a whole bunch of woodblocks on fabric. I'm sending some to my mom who wants to make a quilt out of them... some for purses/totes and others will be pillows for my etsy shop!


tangled sky studio said...

i can see you have some creative me. i've been trying to stay true to my painting but your wool and fabric ventures are getting to me....i love the wood block printed fabric. do you have a huge workspace or do you have stuff everywhere?

artslice said...

Thanks Beth -and yes, I do have creative wanderlust and stuff everywhere! It's hard to stay true to one thing(although I have to keep it narrowed down as a mom or I'd never get anything done!)

I don't have a huge workspace. But, I have 2 different studios downstairs - one where I keep my press, do all the printing and store paintings/canvases. The other one -I keep my easel for larger paintings... all my collage stuff/papers, paints etc.

Since the kids were babies, the dining room has been where all the 'magic' happens! I have a portable easel there, an 'art cart' and claim one end of the table for whatever I'm doing... carving woodcuts, felting machine, drawings/gouache paintings... etc. Someday when the kids are older, I'll retreat back to my 'real' studio space(s)!

How do you manage to get away to your little studio with 3 kids?!

tangled sky studio said...

in my last two houses i had basement studios and so like you did all my work on the dining room table...but my current liitle workspace is on the main floor of the house so i can see and hear all. the kids always know where to find me but are pretty good at occupying themselves with drawing, creating miniature worlds,
playing in the yard or reading. My little guy idolizes his big brother and sister and is happy to do whatever they're up to...and of course now i will have 3 mornings a week with all the kids at school!
I really like all of your ventures and am inspired by your creative energy...