Monday, September 29, 2008


Teenager, Drawing
Store Display
If I was in school right now I'd get a big 'I' for incomplete! I have been making some drawings the past week or 2 but can't seem to carve out enough time to actually paint and finish them. Grrrr. But, life has been happening... and good stuff, I'm happy to say! We have a lot of birthdays in Sept and Oct in our family. (also Nov and Dec!) So, we've been cooking and partying quite a bit around here. Maybe this week it will all come together!
On another note, I was featured in lavender Wool's treasury on Etsy! Thank you so much, Lav - it's nice to be in such great company! You can visit them at . To see the treasury, click here:


tangled sky studio said...

Congrats on the treasury...that was a really beautiful piece of work. Don't worry about the not finishing... maybe they don't know what they want to be yet...but they are all off to a great start!


artslice said...

:) Double thanks, Beth! I'm having trouble with the portraits and I've retreated back to my mechanical pencil and sketchbook for now. If I get brave I may post some...I'm just not really happy with the color and the bold black lines on the faces. Wow, that's a lot of rambling!:)

I'm interested to see what you'll do next with the tracks/dashes and houses.