Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beach Moons

I'm doing something new... I'm making pillows out of my needle felted pieces. This one was inspired by the phases of the moon. I thought of the moon over the beach, and the moon's reflection on the dark water of the night. The colors are those of the water, sky and beach. I thought of these colors reflecting back up to the moon as it's passing through phases. It's over in my etsy shop with another new pillow.
On another note, I've been cleaning up my painting studio and hope to get painting a bit and doing some of my 'tag art' collage calenders. It's a great feeling to 'de-clutter' ... I realized I wasn't wanting to work in there without cleaning it all up and starting over. Ahhhh, it's looking better! I'll post some photos when I'm all done cleaning up.


tangled sky studio said...

the colors in the pillow are really pretty the moon phases are a great subject matter. good luck with the de-cluttering. i look forward to seeing your space.

artslice said...

:) Thanks, Beth. Hopefully I'll be posting my studio some time this week! Your paintings are taking such a different direction from all the beachy/water ones. Are you done with those for now?

Martha Miller said...

Beautiful! I love the colors.
I made a western style corduroy shirt for my husband back in the 70's and I embroidered the phases of the moon all across the back yoke.