Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Drawing

Dinner Out

Here's a funny little scene in a Portland restaurant. I'll probably paint it today and Sat. I'm changing up my art time... getting up earlier and working silently (well - NPR's on) while the house is still asleep. I've been so distracted by the computer, the news, movies, etc. lately I have to 'turn off' in order to focus and enjoy. I'm even thinking of cutting down on posts to just 3 a week. (but, I do love the feedback, so that may be tough to do!) Oh, and... unplugging the TV.

Life gets too overloaded - I don't want to be so distracted I can't absorb the beauty of fall. We have had our first signs this week, the leaves are starting to turn makes me want to sing a happy song! My daughter's 2nd birthday is Tuesday... I'm planning a little party for her - so fun! Have a good weekend.

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