Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Celebrating the 'New'

A new quilt that's been coming along very quickly!

A new woodblock based on a drawing from an art quilt I did in Jan/Feb of this year. Still needs a bit more tweaking... this is the first state printing.

Easter table before the feasting! Yes, those are paper cups, they look so tacky but I was feeling lazy about clean up. May have to commit to doing dishes next year :)

The egg coloring happened on Easter this year and ended up being a great 'craft' for all the kids.

Well, the leaves and blossoms are finally coming out little by little... I'm so glad. We're starting to feel the newness of spring! I'm working on new woodcuts and hope to share more this week. Happy Wednesday :)


tangled sky studio said...

the waves and boats are awesome in the block print (of course it goes without saying i love the birds too). the rain isn't letting up but the temps are creeping higher which makes me happy. spring is bound to arrive soon!
thanks for sharing your festive table : )

artslice said...

thank you Beth! I can't wait to paint it.

I had fun using the purple for easter... hardly ever get to use that fiestaware jug, which I love :)