Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Break...part one

Lake Oswego... our fave park there, George Rodgers Park. This is the boat launch. In art school, we used to come here for drawing class and later watercolor class too. So beautiful and idyllic... some of the best days of my life. Now, we bring our kids here - also some of the best days of my (our) life!

Upon arrival in Portland, Oregon - we always go to 'our village', Multnomah village. Lunch time at Grand Central Bakery. It was Sunday and packed with late risers, still eating breakfast very slowly. Yum.
Water tower in the Pearl district. Waiting to be picked up from Utrecht - a fab art store (needed more small portfolios - the kind that tie) in an utter downpour. I shot several photos from all directions of where I was standing - it's a great way to imprint the brain with memory of a place.
Sipping wine at dinner with old friends under lovely lamps and art. It seems in every pub, bakery, coffee house or restaurant we visit, there is an aesthetic experience to behold. Love that about Portland :) Part 2 coming soon... sunsets promised. Happy Friday to one and all!


tangled sky studio said...

looks and sounds like a great break...welcome back!

artslice said...

Hi there Beth... it was a fun time. thanks! :)