Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shapes in Mid Day Travels

Look above the truck... the sky is falling!
Quilter's banner - each quilter in a class made a mini piece for a collective banner. So cool.
Love the colors of this old building... thinking about our house which desperately needs painting.
Lovely texture in a mod chandelier.
Little pane windows... none are broken, they have different degrees of frosted spray paint or some other fragments from the past.

I know, I promised sunsets last time but the blogger wouldn't allow me to add more photos to this post, the nerve! So, next one... for sure. These are all Portland, discovering the many crumbling, papery, shadowy etc. textures throughout my afternoon... I wanted to document all of these findings. I have a plan to translate these yummy, found textures onto 300lb. watercolor paper - stitching, hole poking and graphite mark making are some of the things planned. I've been hoarding it long enough :)

Still working on the mermaid art quilt... the size is making it a slow project. What I really need is a larger table!

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