Thursday, January 19, 2012

First 100 Women of 2012... Thursday

More progress on the ladies here! The first 2 woodcuts are test prints that I painted. Today, they were 'cleaned up' during pre-school and will probably print them tomorrow along with 2 other ones. That's 4 new prints for this week. Think the 'maybe I'll post something' format is working for me :) (touch wood).

Also included are a few drawings for more woodcuts. It was a good drawing day - with the records playing, snow falling, corgis playing in the yard and little girl dancing in the living room. Perfect for art making. Check my flickr for even more new work - including some revised, painted ladies from last week! Link up top to the right.

Meanwhile, it's been snowing all day and I haven't shovelled any. There's always night-shovelling, right? Still stunned by the Italian ship sinking/accident - the passenger accounts are just bone-chilling and very sad. Praying for some miracles, families and for the survivors.


Jenniffer said...

Those are looking lovely- I especially like the last woman walking along. Great color and I just love backs- they say so much.
Glad the creative is coming along so nicely!

tangled sky studio said...

the ladies look lovely. glad to see you in the creative groove and look forward to seeing more new work in the weeks to come. we are expecting another 8" here tomorrow and i don't plan on leaving the house (which means lots of painting time).

artslice said...

Hi Jenniffer... many thanks! I love backs too - and seem to do a lot of them:)

Hi Beth,
Thank you so much! It's good to have a plan - even a loose one when it comes to balancing art and life :)

Hope you are loving all that painting time, we're supposed to have snow this afternoon.